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Jodi West   Mother Stuck%21 Cover Jodi West   Mothers Stuck! (2013)

Jody West is already late for her yoga class, when she goes to grab a drink of water from the sink. There is a smell coming from the disposal, so she reaches to run the grinder.
An awful sound comes from the machinery, and Mother shuts it down immediately. What do her son put down there now? she thinks as she reaches in to clear the obstruction. When she tries to withdraw her hand, she realizes SHE STUCK! After trying several maneuvers, she finally hears her son come through the front door.
Mother asks the young man to help her out of this jam by getting behind her and pulling …..
After that fails, she sends him to her room to get some oil to help lubricate the restriction. What happens next is one of our best shot video to date!!

Name of the actress Jodi West
Name movie Mothers Stuck!
Year 2013
Duration 00:10:55
Video Format WMV
Resolution 1280×720
File Size 483 MB

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th 433309535 tduid3139 Jodi West   Mother Stuck s 123 562lo Jodi West   Mothers Stuck! (2013)

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  1. How to download its r prohibited n my area

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